Zero Cost installation

AllSun Trackers are now available at no upfront cost to the consumer.  More information can be found here:


Basically, you can lease the AllSun Trackers with no money down.  Your monthly payments will be equal to, or less than your curent payments to the grid.  This offer is subject to a few things, such as having a suitable location, and the ability to connect to the grid in an efficient manner.  Also, it is important to know how much electricity you use in a given year so that the AllSun Tracker can be tailored to fit your demand.  As with any solar installation, each client has different needs so the terms are subject to vary a little bit from location to location.  But if you have a suitable spot, and you use about $1,500 worth of electricity in a year, it might be worth a phone call.


Middlebury College to Install Solar Farm

There is a lot of local buzz about the decision by Middlebury College to add Solar to its Renewable Energy portfolio.

Looking forward to installing the AllSun Trackers in the coming months.


Another Mention

More horn tooting, but it is kind of fun.


Another Tracker Installed in Pittsford, VT

We just installed a new 5.5kW AllSun Tracker in Pittsford, VT.  

Giddings Manufacturing is the proud new owner, so if you are driving on Rt. 7 check out the field to the north by the Kubota Dealership and you will see it.


Pictures to come next week.


REV Conference 

It was an exciting week as the Renewable Energy Vermont conference was underway up in Burlington.  All the people involved in keeping Vermont an attractive place to live and visit were under one roof for two days.


Plus there were some great guest speakers, including Soren Hermansen from the Samso Energy Academy. 

If you haven't heard of the island of Samso you should check it out.

Through innovative heating solutions, solar and wind, a small community turned their agricultural island into a net positive Renewable energy producing community.

Check it out here: