Accolades for AllSun Tracker

A little recognition is nice.   Hot off the presses:


Vermont-made AllSun Tracker selected as a Top-10 green building product for 2012

TORONTO, ON. . . October 6, 2011 . . . The Vermont-manufactured AllSun Tracker has been selected as a top green product for 2012.

The award announcement was made today at the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo in Toronto, Canada.

The tenth annual BuildingGreen Top-10 product award recognizes the most innovative and exciting green building products of the year.  Manufactured by the Williston, Vt.-based AllEarth Renewables, the AllSun Tracker was the only solar PV product to receive an award.

The AllSun Tracker is a pole-mounted solar energy system that uses GPS and wireless technology to follow the sun throughout the day allowing it to produce up to 45 percent more energy than typical fixed systems. 

“We are excited to have our AllSun Tracker recognized by BuildingGreen with this  Top-10 selection,” said David Blittersdorf, CEO and founder of AllEarth Renewables.  “We innovated and designed the AllSun Tracker to produce more energy from the sun, making solar practical and affordable for more homeowners, businesses, and non-profits.  With nearly 900 solar trackers installed in Vermont alone, we believe we have a product ready for the northeastern solar market in the year ahead.”

The award was selected by the editors of Environmental Building News and GreenSpec.

According to GreenSpec, a significant driver in the development of green products continues to be the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED rating system (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), which awards points for the use of certain products or for the energy and water savings that certain green products can achieve. “Designers of LEED buildings are looking for green products, and manufacturers are responding,” said BuildingGreen founder andGreenSpec executive editor Alex Wilson.  

“Our selections of the Top-10 Green Building Products represent a wide range of product types in many different application areas,” added Wilson. “Many of our Top-10 products this year have multiple environmental attributes.”

Other products included among the Top-10 list is decking made from recycled carpeting, an innovative LED lighting module, and a toilet that uses a passive vacuum-assist and just 0.8 gallons.

The Top-10 list was composed from new products added to the GreenSpec Directory during the past year or new products covered in Environmental Building News.



Solar City Vermont?

Rutland, VT.  Known to some as Rut-Vegas.  But soon to be known as Vermont's Solar City.  With the upcoming merger of CVPS and GMP, the Utilities have expressed their desire to turn Rutland into Vermont's hub of Solar activity.

This is great news for Vermont and even better news for Rutland.  Once the Rutland Business community learns how easy it will be to install Solar and how quick their pay back can be with all of the available incentives I think you will start to see Solar popping up all over the county.

Soon maybe we will be known as the new Sunshine State.  Sorry Fla, or was it Colorado.  Harry?  Lloyd? can you help me out here?


Thanks to the Addy Indy for the interview


Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight

Well here we go.  Solar is coming to Vermont.  AllSun is committed to getting their Trackers installed all across the state, and the incentives just keep getting better.  Recent legislation actually requires the Vermont Utilities to pay you more for every kWh you produce with your solar installation than you pay them for electricity from the grid.

What does this mean for you?  It means your return on investing in producing your own electricity onsite happens faster.  Since Vermont has net metering, you can basically use the grid as a big bank.  In the summer you will most likely accrue credits with the utility as your meter spins backwards during the day.  These credits will then be applied to your electricity bill as winter comes and that Vermont sun goes into hibernation.

Here is the latest press release from AllSun.


A Funny Story

So I recently heard a story about a some guys in a frat house from a few decades back.  The story teller came home in the middle of a cold winter day to find his house mates had all the windows open, with the heat cranked and every light turned on.  After asking the obligatory question, the answer was quite remarkable.

Apparently in those days you could unhook your meter, flip it over and it would run backwards.  Of course this was highly illegal, and ethically the worst possible way to reduce your electricity bill.  Exactly what you would expect from a bunch of guys in a Frat house.

In this particular case the wanna-be felons had left the meter running backwards for too long and to compensate, they had flipped the meter back to its rightful position and were hoping to get their meter back to a reading that wouldn't land them in jail when the utility came to take their reading.

There are better ways to spin your meter backwards.  And the best part is there is no threat of going to jail.